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many new green energies are found every year

Solar Panels and their Applications

A solar panel is a panel designed to absorb the sun rays, and convert the light energy into electrical energy. The energy gotten from the solar panel can be used for a wide variety of things depending on the size of the panel.
The use of solar power is more rampant now than before and people now, just find it convenient to use instead of any other source of energy. With the right, solar panel you can do quite a lot of things with the energy that comes from the sun.

Applications of the Solar Power

There are different ways to use a solar panel, and each application has its unique benefits as states below.

Charging Devices

solar installations on a roof top

With the increase in new devices and gadgets, one can only imagine the kind of weight that charging of these devices will pull from the power grid.

Thankfully, some companies are smart enough and have started coming up with solar alternatives for powering devices. At least, this way, if you’ve got more than one device, you don’t have to look for extra charging spots for them. You’ll just need to charge them for free with the sun.

Trash and Recycling With Solar Energy

Want to make the world a better place, and multiple resources? Then recycle. Yes everyone would want to but, they don’t have the means.

So like always, trash is thrown anywhere, but with this method of disposal and automatic recycling, everything is just easier. Now, there are trash cans powered by solar energy which also recycles the waste. Solar energy is just one thing that we will be forever grateful for in the years to come.


Presently every single transporting vessel in this world is run on fossil fuel, and it’s about time we step up and stop degrading our lands for this. Ever since the innovation of solar panels, cars, trains, and even aircraft have been tested to see how long they’ll last on solar energy, and the truth is, a handful of them have passed, and slowly but surely, solar power will be the new fuel for transportation. The best part is that it’s free.

Backup power

renewable energy to prevent global warming

In some areas of the world, disasters took place, and when it did, it brought down their power grid and made it impossible for anything to be done with power. And it was a disappointing scenario as, without electricity, nothing could be done.

Rescue teams couldn’t be reached, and even though such places were saved and the situation salvaged, lives were lost, and it was sad. However, with lessons like that, it was only a matter of time before inventors went ahead to ensure that there was always a backup power to sustain a place whenever something like that occurred. Now, even without the disaster, if there’s any form of a power outage, the solar panel can give you energy for a while. Better still; some people use the panels as their source of electricity.

For Camping

What’s a camping experience without learning some basic survival skills? Before now, camping usually meant, no phones, no refrigerator, no mp3 as a result of the “no power” or too expensive power sites. But with solar energy, the case has become different as you can take your devices with you and enjoy your camping experience using this power source. Furthermore, instead of paying for electrical power, you can just get this one for free. There’s just nothing like this. Find more here.


The issue of power distribution might not seem a big deal to some people, but to others, the cost of power has become too much and has caused too much trouble. If it isn’t too expensive, you might want to remember that you don’t pay for this one. Solar energy has been proven as one of the cheapest sources of energy. And the use of this form of energy is being discovered every day, soon, it’ll take over.

Eco-Friendly Home Products Are Becoming Mainstream

Using healthier eco-friendly home products isn’t just for tree-huggers or people who need to champion a cause. It makes sense for everyone, especially those who have children, pets, or the elderly living in their home.

Chemical sensitivity is a problem for the young and old alike and is dangerous to pets.

Harsh chemicals were used in the past, partly because of a misunderstanding as to their effect on the home environment, such as with the previous use of asbestos. Chemical cleaners were thought to be more robust for use on older materials, which were difficult to keep clean because of past lifestyles.

Harsh chemicals aren’t needed for 21st-century living, and in many cases, they have been found to adversely affect air quality and water supply, two natural resources that are critical to human and animal life. Home products are now being manufactured with ecology in mind, and they are readily available for the average home resident.

Here are some ways to include more eco-friendly products in your home.

Use Natural Materials More Often

In general, materials that come from the earth are better for the earth. Choose furniture in natural products such as wood, bamboo, straw or natural stones. Opt for textiles made from natural materials such as cotton, silk or wool. Reject home products that are difficult to recycle or harmful to the environment, such as those made from polystyrene or certain grades of plastic. Check for biodegradable qualities in items you use every day, such as paper products. Choose appliances that are energy efficient.

Select household cleaners that are non-toxic and eco-friendly.
Surprisingly, these can be just as useful for modern cleaning as their harsher predecessors.

Introduce Alternative Energy

Learn more about alternative forms of energy and adopt them into your home.
Solar lights are widely available, and solar panels are now being produced in portable form to charge small electronics. If you have the money to invest, consider introducing alternative energies such as solar and wind to power the major utilities in your home.

Utilize thermal and solar furnishings on windows to increase heating or cooling efficiency.

There are a great number of ways to utilise eco-friendly home products that are safer for the environment. It’s often just a matter of becoming better educated about the type of products available, which are increasing on a daily basis and being improved for general use.

New Product Application – Portable Solar Panels

Many people are familiar with the solar panels that are installed on the roof of a home. They tend to be large and expensive and are usually installed by a roofing professional.

There is another type of panel that is not as well-known, except by those who live in motor homes. It is the portable solar panel. It is smaller in size, intended for portability and is often used for single appliances. It is becoming more popular today, as more people are interested in ways to cut down on their power usage and make use of less expensive forms of energy.

How Can They Be Used?

A portable solar panel can be used to provide power for a range of small electronic appliances, such as a cell phone, tablet, or headlamp. A larger portable panel can power something as big as a television or small refrigerator.

Portable units are usually combined with a power pack. It gives you the option to collect the solar energy with the panel, and store it in the power pack for later use. They are also often combined with battery packs.

This gives you a secondary source of power to use as a backup that will keep an appliance running when solar energy is not sufficient.
Portable panels are easier to use than their fixed counterparts. They are easier to carry and use in areas where there is no electricity, easier to keep clean, and they are easier to move around to get the most sun exposure.

foldable solar panels for camping

You can also use these panels as le site panneau solaire camping car explains so well.

Buying Considerations

Your panels should be sized for the wattage you will need for the appliances you plan to use. Smaller solar panels are inexpensive enough for the average user to purchase.

Larger panels are more expensive, but they can be a great addition for someone who likes to get out into the great outdoors, where electricity may not always be readily available. Another benefit of these panels is that they can be purchased as you have the money for them.

Portable solar panels are both modern and convenient, making use of the energy of the sun for everyday applications.