Our mission



As a leader in solar energy, we consider our duty to get involved in the development of associations and the photovoltaic sector unions.

We adhere to the leading organizations of photovoltaics energy, and we are working in the industry to help developing better practices. We support them in their process of expansion of the solar market through communication, education and research.

With StarFish Enterprises, we believe sustainable practices in business. Our corporate values together a few fundamental principles that shape the future of StarFish Enterprises.

Sustainable and green practices

We are passionate to see a greener world by focusing on clean energy transfer to future generations.


We focus on emerging technologies in renewable energy and the development of business practices of art.

Quality, Integrity, and Responsibility

We believe in the principle of business success of the highest quality projects without compromising our values.


Our reputation is based on its excellent work. It is essential to make the necessary efforts at all levels to maintain this status and offer high-quality services.


Respect for colleagues, customers, contractors and other employees is fundamental to the smooth running of the company.


StarFish Enterprises must constantly be on the forefront of knowledge in all areas of expertise. Innovation must be valued at any time within the organization and the framework of the realization of the different mandates.

Starfishenterprises.net was created back in 2005, and since then we have been providing great information about many topics.

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