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The Benefits Of Traditional Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are growing in popularity of late. There’s something quaint and timeless about traditional wooden toys. They look great, and they’re just the right texture and size for little hands to handle. Old style wooden toys don’t just look fantastic in any playroom or nursery – they offer a broad range of benefits to children (and parents!)

Made to Last

They’re durable. Wooden toys are made to last. Plastic toys can quickly wear out. Parts can bend or break, or the plastic can warp over time. Wooden toys are a lot more durable and can endure much more play and more knocks before they start to show even a little wear and tear.

They don’t need batteries. Running out of batteries is surely one of the most frustrating experiences for children and parents alike. With wooden toys, running out of batteries will never be a problem again – wooden toys are always ready to be played with.

Great for Imaginative Play

wooden-toys-cars-trucksThey encourage imagination. Wooden toys provide a fertile ground for imaginative play. From trains or trucks to household implements and baking supplies, wooden toys come in a wide range of shapes to spark the imagination and encourage children to think up their scenarios and stories.

They’re more engaging. Many modern toys come with all the bells and whistles to keep a child entertained, but play can become passive. With wooden toys, children provide the movement and sound to go along with their play, boosting engagement and encouraging them to think and dream.

Greener in all Aspects

They’re easy to clean. Plastic and electronic toys are often hard to clean, especially as they get older and develop scratches that dirt can get ingrained in. Wooden toys offer a smooth, durable and scratch resistant surface that is so easy to wipe clean with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water. The toy can then be left to dry and is ready to be played with again in no time at all.

They’re good for education. Wooden toys aren’t just fantastic to play with; they can also help children to learn. Wooden toys in various geometric shapes can help little minds to learn about forms and shapes, and can also be used as counting aids.

They grow with their young owners. It’s all too easy for children to outgrow their toys, but wooden toys grow with them. Younger children can enjoy the shapes and texture, while older children can play imaginative games with them, and older children still can incorporate them into a more complex game.

They help develop reasoning and problem-solving. Wooden toys can’t tell kids what to press next. That means that children will engage in reasoning which toys to use next or how to solve a problem such as building the most formidable fortress or the most delicious snack out of their toys.

Wooden toys are currently enjoying a revival, and it’s easy to see why. With wooden toys, children can enjoy years of play before the toys become treasured heirlooms and provide hours of fun for the next generation of curious minds.